ui tools by cjf inc for unity


UI tools allow to create complex interface using simple and clear approaches.

It contains a list of components that could be used in different combinations to create complex interface elements.

Additionally you can extend any component to add customization by creating new class that inherited from any UI tools component. All future releases will support back compatibility for Scripting API.

Use cases

There are many UI creation use cases where UI tools is deadly useful

Radio buttons group


Multi-state element

UItools-use-case-multi-state element

UI element with position change




Learn all use cases – UI tools use cases


Scripting API

UI tools comes with full source code included and complete Scripting API documentation for each component.

One of the main goal of UI tools is to allow anyone to:

  • easily integrate their scripts and components with UI tools ones;
  • extend UI tools components and build custom behaviors.

Learn components scripting API – Scripting API

Current version


Get Unity plugin

UI tools plugin is available in Unity asset store


Send any support questions to email cjf.inc@gmail.com with subject “UItools support”.

If you found a bug use the same email cjf.inc@gmail.com with subject “UItools bug”.

And finally if you have any feature request, send it to cjf.inc@gmail.com with subject “UItools feature request”.


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