Some time ago I decided (wrongly as I think now) to create all documentation manually for my new plugin UITools for Unity. I agree it’s sounds crazy now 🙂

The main reason was to achieve the best view (unity manual like).  And I did it! The resulted documentation looked just great:


old manual - 1

old manual - 2

The main problem I faced in was to update documentation with new changes. And very soon my documentation became stale. And even worse – I can’t track what parts are obsolete now. :/

With hard feelings I decided to move to any documentation generator. I did a research of available solutions that fit my humble needs:

  1. C# support
  2. generator could be launched on mac os
  3. html output format
  4. customizable documentation structure
  5. css tuning
  6. as a result documentation should look at least good

For myself I found NaturalDocs solution as very handy.

Here is how the very first components documentation is looking now:

New UITools documentation - NaturalDocs – you can check it here.

And you know, it’s absolutely great to keep documentation close to code:

UItools UIItem inline documentation for NaturalDocs


Now I’m happy 🙂

I have a plan to create a separate post about NaturalDocs setup for Unity projects – it will be a “How to” format.

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