Why do I need it?

If you are building game or app for several platforms, then you already know how long platform switch could take time. And how is annoying to wait when it ends!

If your project is for single platform – feel free to bookmark this post for later and come back when you be ready to dive into cross platform development šŸ˜‰

In the nutshell

Unity cache server could be launched on current workstation or dedicated pc. Once the server is launched you only will need to enable it in Unity preferences.

Unity Preferences - Cache server

That’s it!

From now for any asset import, reimport and platform switch the Unity will ask cache server for cached asset data for target platform. If suchĀ data is not cached yet then the Unity will import assets as usual and will send it to cache server.

In real life for one of my large project with many assets the cache server usage reduced the platform switch time from 10 minutes to 20 seconds! And especially it’s useful to test my new asset store pluginĀ UI tools for different platforms.

I hope it will help you to concentrate on development instead of awaiting assets reimporting šŸ™‚

Official documentation

It’s easy to setup cache server following official documentationĀ https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/CacheServer.html

Feel free to contact me in comments or in twitter if you’ll need some assist. I have a solid background in server administration and will help with pleasure.