It’s always a big pleasure to help our customers to solve issues.

One of such request was about our Bitmap font tools plugin for Unity and the following strange behavior:

  • in editor bitmap font texts looks great
  • but while testing on device texts looks absolutely broken

Editor run

bitmap font editor run

Device run

bitmap font device run

Investigation and solution

After a short investigation we were able to reproduce this problem even in Xcode simulator

Iphone simulator run

xcode simulator iPhone SE broken bitmap font

There are two possible reasons that may cause this problem:

Reason #1. Font material is not assigned for Text component
Bitmap font tools creating font and material for you. Just simply assign it to the text.
Missed bitmap font material

Reason #2. Bitmap font texture has a “Generate mip maps” option enabled.
To fix it you just need to uncheck “Generate mip maps”
Generate mip maps for bitmap font texture


Here is a fixed bitmap font in simulator run

xcode simulator iPhone SE fixed bitmap font

Good luck with your projects!