UI tools plugin is available in Unity asset store now!

We so proud to announce that our new plugin UI tools has been approved and now available in Unity asset store!

ui tools by cjf inc for unity

Current version includes set of indispensable components that helps to build complex UI in a minutes!

Here is one of the examples that just has been built in a few minutes with UI tools 🙂


Check all UI use cases to see more UI examples – UI tools use cases. And also you are welcome to check Project page.

The next big step in our roadmap is video tutorials creation. We want to expand our outstanding documentation Scripting API to allow anyone to use UI tools benefits easily and with pleasure.


The first two video tutorials are here:

Sincerely yours,
CJF inc team


For those who missed – The Unity cache server is free now! You have to use it!

Why do I need it?

If you are building game or app for several platforms, then you already know how long platform switch could take time. And how is annoying to wait when it ends!

If your project is for single platform – feel free to bookmark this post for later and come back when you be ready to dive into cross platform development 😉

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Unity editor extensions – the power of OnValidate

I need to validate some data!

Everybody knows that most of editor scripts you created, will be used by people like level designers and game designers. It’s always a good idea to put extra checking to what data they enter while building the scene. They shouldn’t care about values limitations but you have to! 😉

I found a OnValidate function as one of the best ways to validate input data.

How to use OnValidate?

There is only a short description on unity site about OnValidate function and no examples.

In the nutshell – OnValidate function is called in editor mode only on the following cases:

  • once script loaded;
  • if any value is changed in inspector.

Here’s how to use it in the script:

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Open multiple Unity projects simultaneously

Open multiple Unity projects simultaneously


One of the most desired feature for Unity is to open multiple projects simultaneously.

My personal needs is a bit complex – I also need to have several Unity versions installed. I use them for testing of my Unity asset store plugins: Bitmap font tools and UI tools

And finally at window switch it would be great to see what Unity version projects are opened.


To have installed:

  • latest Unity 4
  • latest Unity 5
  • copy on latest Unity 5 to open two projects simultaneously

In total be able to open three projects simultaneously (for each unity instance).

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New plugin “UI tools for Unity” by CJF inc – work in progress

New plugin – UI tools

Currently I’m working hard on my new plugin for Unity asset store – “CJFinc: UI tools”

The plugin goal is to extend Unity UI with simple but powerful components to cover highly necessary UI cases.

The same as before with my first plugin “CJFinc: Bitmap font tools” – initially I’m solving cases for myself. And when I’m satisfied with the results I decide should it or not my solution to be recreated as asset store plugin to let other Unity developers safe their time.

So, what I’m already have is the first workable version of all UI components that should be re-writed for 80% according to new architecture (yeah baby, that’s hardcore refactoring 🙂 ). You can check current architecture here UI tools components manual

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Unity 5.1 and FB 6.2.2 – Error: Unable to verify assembly data

Reproduce scenario

Unity update from 5.0.1 to 5.1 raised the following error with FB plugin.

This problem will repeats when new unity version is released but there is no new fb sdk yet.

Error details


Full error message text:

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