This page covers UI use cases that could be created with help of UI tools.

Each use case is included into asset store package and could be used out of the box right after plugin import.


On/off button

Used components: UIStateItem

Each UI needs an on/off buttons. It’s especially useful for settings.

UItools use case - On off button

Multi-state button

Used components: UIStateItem

To be able to easily switch between several button states is what we’re missing very often in unity ui.

You can create as much button states as you need and define switching between them in your own way.


Radio buttons group

Used components: UIStateItemUIStateGroupControl

This radio group could contain differently styled items and be expanded by simple item copy-pasting.


UI elements

Multi-state element

Used components: UIStateItem, UIStateItemAnimation

All UI is created from different UI elements that could have a many states like:

  1. selected / deselected
  2. expanded / collapsed
  3. update available / no update
  4. downloading / download success / download fail

It possible to prepare all needed states for each UI element and easily switch between them according to logic.

UItools-use-case-multi-state element

UI element with position change

Used components: UIStateItemUIStateItemAnimation

Each item state could have a different position and size that also could be animated.

It allows to create very natural and awesome user experience.


Complex cases


Used components: UIStateItemUIStateItemAnimationUIStateGroupControl

Accordion is a well known UI approach that used to display information to user in limited way

You can find ready for use and easy to customize accordion prefab in UI tools



Used components: UIStateItemUIStateItemMirror, UIStateItemAnimationUIStateGroupControl

The complex submenus is something that usually should be avoided, while creating a good user experience.

But sometimes it deadly needed to have a sub-menus.


Tabs with content

Used components: UIStateItem, UIStateItemMirror, UIStateGroupControl

Tabs is another well known example of approach how to display a many content to user at the single screen.

In conjunction with fade-in and fade-out animations it look very good.


More use cases

If you have a question like:

  • Is it possible to create particular UI / UX component with help of UI tools?
  • How to create a particular UI / UX component with help of UI tools?

Feel free to sent a request to email with subject “UItools use case request”.

We will be glad to find a most convenient way to implement your custom use case.


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