Open multiple Unity projects simultaneously


One of the most desired feature for Unity is to open multiple projects simultaneously.

My personal needs is a bit complex – I also need to have several Unity versions installed. I use them for testing of my Unity asset store plugins: Bitmap font tools and UI tools

And finally at window switch it would be great to see what Unity version projects are opened.


To have installed:

  • latest Unity 4
  • latest Unity 5
  • copy on latest Unity 5 to open two projects simultaneously

In total be able to open three projects simultaneously (for each unity instance).


The general solution for MacOs is simple – install different Unity versions to separate folders.


  • install latest Unity 4 to default location – /Applications/Unity
  • rename folder to /Applications/Unity4
  • install latest Unity 5 to default location – /Applications/Unity
  • rename folder to /Applications/Unity5

As a result at Applications folder you will have something like that (I prefer to keep full unity version)

unity 4 and 5 mac os installed

Installing second version on Unity 5

It’s redundant to make a full copy of unity 5 folder for second instance (8,7G of extra disk space 🙂 )

All you need is just copy inside folder /Applications/Unity5.3.2f1/ (CMD+c , CMD+v)

unity second instance

And the same for

monodevelop second instance

As a result you’ll save about 7,5Gb disk space comparing to full copy of Unity folder! 😉

Tuning “Unity copy” to use “MonoDevelop copy”.

To do that:

  • launch “Unity copy”
  • open preferences
  • -> External Tools
  • -> External Script Editor
  • -> Browse
  • and select just created “MonoDevelop copy”

Unity monodevelop setup

From now “Unity” will use default “MonoDevelop”, and “Unity copy” new “MonoDevelop copy”.

Changing default icons

The most exiting part is to make Unity instances look different.

After the short research I found a way how to replace file icon to any custom one.

Here is the instructions:

Step 1: at finder copy new icon file – CMD+c (should be 1024×1024)

unity 5 icon

Step 2: open app file info panel – CMD+i

unity full file info

Step 3: select current icon

unity file info

Step 4: paste new icon from clipboard – CMD+v

unity custom icon

That’s it!

I created custom icons for Unity and MonoDevelop and changed them for all three instances (you can find them bellow in this post).

unity5 folder content:

unity two instances with custom icons

and unity4 folder content:

unity 4 with custom icons

Now it look fabulous 🙂

Adding links to dock

I guess you know how to add new link to the dock (just simply drag and drop app to the dock)

Here is how my dock look like

several Unity instances in dock mac os

Testing CMD+TAB – window switch

several unity versions mac os window switch

Awesome!!! 🙂

Ready for use icons

Here is a ready for use icons (click on it to open full size image):

unity4 unity5 unity5copy

mono4 mono5 mono5copy

And a source psd file with layers –


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