Feature list

  • Best fit component for Bitmap font
  • Retina displays approach
  • Import process is fully automated
  • Smart import of any font config (XML or TXT)
  • Tested with various bitmap font creation tools (literrabmGlyphGlyph Designer 2ShoeBox)
  • Opened plugin source code
  • Control font size as for regular font
  • Unity UI shadow and outline components works as well
  • Multilingual support
  • Right to left languages support
  • Works perfect with new Unity UI
  • Tested with Unity 4.6 and Unity 5.x
  • No runtime resources required
  • No scripting required

Available on Unity asset store – CJFinc: Bitmap font tools


“CJFinc: Bitmap font tools” for Unity – How to start tutorial

“CJFinc: Bitmap font tools” for Unity – Bitmap font creation in ShoeBox

Best fit functionality in action

Bitmap font tools - Best fit for different screen size


Q1: I see an error at font rebuilding:

A1: This error is occurs when you are using two column view in project.

In this view Unity tracks “selection” only for second column.
Make sure you select folder with font in second project column as on screenshot bellow and try again.


Q2: Does it works with new unity UI?

A2: Yes, it works perfectly with any game object component that have font

Q3: Which setting template is better to use for Shoebox?

A3: It’s recommended to choose one from “Default” or “FNT Unity” template in Shoebox. Both of them are works perfectly with “CJFinc: Bitmap font tool”



Q4: How to make arabic support work?

A4: For arabic texts please use asset store plugin “Arabic Support for Unity” https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/2674

It works perfectly with “CJFinc: Bitmap font tools”.

Here is the example scene https://www.dropbox.com/s/so4qc4juzl9feb0/arabic.unitypackage?dl=0

Also make sure you are run scene to make it work.


Q4: Bitmap font works in Editor but it looks broken while running on device!

In editor

bitmap font editor run

On device

bitmap font device run

A4: There are two possible reasons that may cause this problem:

Reason #1. Font material is not assigned for Text component
Bitmap font tools creating font and material for you. Just simply assign it to the text.
Missed bitmap font material

Reason #2. Bitmap font texture has a “Generate mip maps” option enabled.
To fix it you just need to uncheck “Generate mip maps”
Generate mip maps for bitmap font texture


Q5: In Unity 5.5+bitmap font is not displayed correctly after rebuilding

A5: At some reason starting from Unity 5.5 newly created material for bitmap font is not applied correctly. To fix it – just reopen the unity project.

Another way to fix it is to open .fontsetting file and change serializedVersion to +1 version. This will not require reopening unity project.

serializedVersion fix



Feel free to contact us here in comments or by email cjf.inc@gmail.com


CJFinc team.

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  • TobyKaos


    When I want to Rebuild Font the text font ref is now missing. How to avoid missing ref when rebuild a font in used?

    • cjfinc

      Hello Toby,

      Can you send me a screen shoot with error and describe your reproducing scenario!?
      Bitmap font files (config and bitmap image) is also needed.


      • TobyKaos

        I am building a release then I will sent you later. But How I reproduced it with Unity 5.3.4f1:

        I have a Bitmap Font used in a UI Text. I update the png and txt file with GlyphDesigner and Rebuild Bitmap font with CJFinc: Rebuild Bitmap Font(s) script.

        In this case in the UI Texte the Font is missing. Is it like CJFinc delete the .fontsettings and recreate it. The material stay.

        And plus, To have really font working I must delete .fontsettings and .materials and rebuild fonts.

        The behaviour I am intended is : Update png and .txt with GlyphDesigner (same name ..), rebuild with CJFinc. All UI texte font NOT missing.

        It is really a big problem. In older unity version I have not remember a such issue.


        • cjfinc

          Ok, I got it.
          Will check this scenario.

          • TobyKaos

            Also: Graphist have not name the png file like the folder.

            For instance:

            But not seems to be a problem after.

          • cjfinc

            Hi again,

            Files name shouldn’t match with folder name – so this is ok.

            Here is the demo video of fix I’ve done for problem you found

            I will send plugin update to asset store today.
            Usually it takes up to 5 days to get approve from Unity.
            Let me know if you need an update earlier – I will send package to your email.

            Best regards,

          • TobyKaos


            Another things. I have try to modify your Bitmap best fit script. Iwant to have the same behaviour as Unity UI Text. But I do not know how to compute texte size in orderr to calculate font resize.

          • cjfinc

            Yeah, this is another tricky part 🙂
            I also want to get the same behavior like built-in “best fit” functionality.
            I left current solution about half year ago, but I feel that I have several fresh ideas now … will check them and let you know.

          • cjfinc

            Ha ha ha, look at this! 😉


            I found a solution. It works perfectly in edit mode and runtime!
            Let me test it on ios and android builds for performance and probably do some editor styling. Then I’ll share it with you and publish asset plugin update.

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  • Zoolax

    Hello, We just got your product. It works well.We cut our Batches(Drawcalls) from 18 to 12.
    Then did a test, we get lower frame rate(7 to 8 less) with the bitmap font (512 * 512) on android mobile.It might be the shader is a bit complex.Or are we missing something else?

  • Giap Tinh


    i just bought the plug in on access store and i qas really happy untill i build the game to run on my device.

    – on edtior, it worked perfect, very nice font i want, but when i ran the game on my device (ipad mini 1). i saw the font broken

    Here is ss to show more my situation:

    – on Unity editor: https://parker87tinh-gmail.tinytake.com/sf/MTAwMDUxN180MTQxNzkz

    – on real device(ipad mini 1): https://parker87tinh-gmail.tinytake.com/sf/MTAwMDUyNF80MTQxODAw

    So how can i fix this?

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  • Hui-Ku Shih

    I bought it. It works great. However, there’s no kerning information applied into Unity’s custom font. I believe it can be done. There’s a kerning field in fontsettings. Also there’s kerning information provided when you try to export bit map font from shoebox.
    Also, do you have any idea that data format of Kerning in Unity font.

    • cjfinc

      You know I never wondered how kernings are applied in unity font. But I can check it for you.

      Can you send me more detailed information what do you expect, your font and screen shoots of test phrase in shoebox and in unity? Just to give me full picture where to start.

      My email cjf.inc@gmail.com


  • sly

    Hi guys, I have some problem with polish special character like ążźć and etc. I have this letter in png file but I don’t see it in my .xml file or .fnt Can you help me with this problem ?


    • cjfinc


      Sure! Will be glad to help you!
      Can you send the following details to my email cjf.inc@gmail.com :
      * bitmap font image and config
      * several characters with codes that missed after import


      • sly

        Hi, any news about my issue ?

        • cjfinc


          Thanks, I got your email.
          I’m going to check your problem today.
          Will send you an update till end of the day for sure.

  • Ahmed

    I sent email to you 10 dayes ago, no answer from you !

  • gseoa1

    Hi there! The smaller font under each word tells the actual name of the font. The “sparkling” one is called Sweet Pea font and the link is:

    The clickable links to all of them are right under the image!

  • Shawn Featherly

    I stumbled across https://www.pentacom.jp/pentacom/bitfontmaker2/ I redrew every one of my letters into that website then clicked the “Build font” button in the lower left and it spit out a *.ttf font file. Tested the font in Unity3D and it worked great.