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 animationDuration, CJFinc.UItools.UIStateItemAnimation
 animationFields, CJFinc.UItools.UIStateItemAnimation
 animationStartDelay, CJFinc.UItools.UIStateItemAnimation
 group, CJFinc.UItools.UIItem
 initOnStart, CJFinc.RichMonoBehaviour
 itemName, CJFinc.UItools.UIItem
 items, CJFinc.UItools.UIGroup
 mirrorItems, CJFinc.UItools.UIStateItemMirror
 OnAnimationFinished, CJFinc.UItools.UIStateItemAnimation
 OnInitFinish, CJFinc.RichMonoBehaviour
 valueChangeSpeedCurve, CJFinc.UItools.UIStateItemAnimation
public float animationDuration
Animation transition duration in seconds
public AnimationFields animationFields
AnimationFields stores what fields are used to animate states transition
public float animationStartDelay
Animation transition start delay in seconds
public bool CanvasGroup_alpha
animate CanvasGroup.alpha
public float CanvasGroup_alpha
state value for CanvasGroup.alpha
public UIGroup group
Link to UIGroup object this item belongs to
public bool initOnStart
Should this component be initialized at Start or not
public string itemName
Item name filled automatically from
public UIItem [] items
Array of UIItem items assigned to current group
public bool LayoutElement_preferredHeight
animate LayoutElement.preferredHeight
public float LayoutElement_preferredHeight
state value for LayoutElement.preferredHeight
public bool LayoutElement_preferredWidth
animate LayoutElement.preferredWidth
public float LayoutElement_preferredWidth
state value for LayoutElement.preferredWidth
public UIStateItem [] mirrorItems
Array of UIStateItem items to sync current item state to
public UnityEvent OnAnimationFinished
This UnityEvent is called when animation transition is finished
public UnityEvent OnInitFinish
This UnityEvent is called when initialization is finished
public UnityEvent OnStateChange
This UnityEvent is called when animation transition is finished
public UnityEvent OnStateChange
This UnityEvent is called on each state change
public bool RectTransform_anchorMax
animate RectTransform.anchorMax
public Vector2 RectTransform_anchorMax
state value for RectTransform.anchorMax
public bool RectTransform_anchorMin
animate RectTransform.anchorMin
public Vector2 RectTransform_anchorMin
state value for RectTransform.anchorMin
public bool RectTransform_offsetMax
animate RectTransform.offsetMax
public Vector2 RectTransform_offsetMax
state value for RectTransform.offsetMax
public bool RectTransform_offsetMin
animate RectTransform.offsetMin
public Vector2 RectTransform_offsetMin
state value for RectTransform.offsetMin
public AnimationCurve valueChangeSpeedCurve
AnimationCurve that defines value change speed for animationDuration